How Specialty Pharma Organizations Can Successfully Scale Patient Engagement Programs

Specialty pharmaceuticals have developed a unique and much-needed place in the healthcare industry, and they’re on the rise. The surge over the last several years is attributable to scientific advancements and capital investments to better address patient needs. As such, not only have the number of specialty pharmaceutical firms increased but so too have the […]

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Transforming Patient Engagement: When to Build In-house vs. Outsource

Healthcare leaders are facing a dynamic landscape that requires them to evaluate and deploy new models of care while simultaneously managing the health of diverse, expanding populations in a scalable way that drives improved business outcomes. And success in each area correlates with how well providers engage their patients. As a result, patient engagement software […]

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Why Pharma Must Prioritize Patient Engagement to Thrive in the Next Decade

Will recent events accelerate value-based care and patient centricity in the life sciences industry? Though patient-centered care has been a focus across the health sector for the better part of a decade, it’s been relatively slow to transpire. Recent events, however, triggered rapid mass acceptance of telehealth and other technologies that enable connected care and […]

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